Ideal Weight For Height – Calculate BMI

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In present society as obesity becomes more and more of a concern and persons become increasingly health aware and try to slim down to look more like the idols and models of today. The question of best weight becomes a larger topic of interest.

Of course model mass is not something that only larger persons are interested in. Persons that are underweight also stress about their model weight as being underweight may also have severe health risks. Persons looking to maintain their weight, weightlifters and persons generally interested in fitness might also be interested in knowing the average range that their weight may be in.

So how does a person calculate his/her model weight? Well the primary factor is the person’s height. While people have various body types and carry weight differently, the ideal weight of all individuals of a certain height should be inside the same weight range. For instance a woman who is 5’3 should average between 107 – 141 lbs; anything beneath this may be considered underweight and over this, the woman is overweight.

The other aspect in finding ideal weight may be a person’s age; regardless of height a person’s weight will fluctuate as he/she ages so the ideal weight for a 6 foot tall 22 year old man may not be the same as that of a 6 foot tall, 60 year old man.

So considering a person’s height and age, how is a person’s ideal weight calculated? How much should a man weigh? Body Mass Index (BMI) is the formula that is used to find a individual’s model weight array; the BMI is found by dividing a person’s weight by the square of his/her height.

For person’s who cannot be troubled to do the calculations or have trouble with mathematics, there are numerous sites online that will calculate your BMI and your ideal weight without a hassle.

A person’s best BMI is between 18.5 and 25, thus if you are overweight, try fiddling with your weight calculations until your BMI is inside this range. The weight that gets your BMI in average range for your height is the weight you ought to work towards. The same can be done for individuals who are underweight, so keep this in mind when calculating your BMI and attempting to locate your ideal weight.

You might ask why the average weight bracket is so extensive for individuals all the same height, however, bear in mind that everyone is built differently and while one individual can have a broad frame and be of stocky build, another individual may be slim and gangly. Also fat occupies more space than muscles do, thus one person can be classified as overweight whereas another is classified as muscular even though they are the same weight, because of the variances in build.

A number of weight calculators besides a person’s present weight, height and age will additionally take into thought the level of activity that a person does on a day to day basis. For those attempting to gain weight assessing physical activity is important because a person occupied in strenuous exercise, who is burning many calories will be required to recover more calories to get to their best weight than an individual that hardly does any exercise at all. The opposite is additionally true for individuals who are overweight, adding strenuous exercise will permit a person to burn more calories than a person who does no exercise at all.

To get an idea of the ideal range for individuals of diverse heights and weights you can go on the internet and check out one of the numerous calculators that will make it easy for you to calculate your BMI. Best weight, ideal body fat and the quantity of calories you will need to achieve your best weight.