Hennessey Challenger SRT600

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Many of us are excited by the fact that the Dodge Challenger has finally arrived. However, not everyone is as excited as Hennessey Performance. With the release of the new sports car comes several performance upgrades for the Challenger SRT8 from Hennessey.

This upgrade includes; naturally aspirated versions of Chrysler’s 6.1L VEMI V8 that increase power up to 575 horsepower, as well as supercharged and turbo versions producing up to 725 hp. There’s clearly a power upgrade for everyone, but the most impressive appears to be the Challenger HPE600 Turbo, also known as the SRT600, which Hennessey reports has ripped off a quarter mile time of 11.9 seconds at 121 mph.

Of course, any big bump in power should be accompanied by equal improvements to the suspension and brakes, and Hennessey will also fit your car with a KW adjustable coil-over suspension, larger anti-roll bars, new bushings and unique StopTech brakes. The cost of a complete Challenger HPE600 Turbo package is $74,950, though one can opt for just the engine upgrades and be liberated of only $29,500. In total you could be spending well north of $100,000 on a 725-hp Challenger.