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Micro ATX – A Standard For Computer Motherboards

Micro ATX, sometimes referred to as mATX or uATX is a standard for computer motherboards. The micro ATX was introduced in 1997. The biggest size of a micro ATX motherboard is 9.6 inches x 9.6 inches or 244 mm x 244mm. The smallest micro ATX motherboard is 6.75 x 6.75 inches (171.45 x 171.45 mm). […]

Ideal Weight For Height – Calculate BMI

In present society as obesity becomes more and more of a concern and persons become increasingly health aware and try to slim down to look more like the idols and models of today. The question of best weight becomes a larger topic of interest. Of course model mass is not something that only larger persons […]

Do It Yourself – Repair A Damaged Tree Bark

The tough exterior surface of a tree known as the bark protects the tree from being damaged by a number of insects and some environmental factors. Once the bark of the tree is partially or completely removed the tree is more vulnerable to infection and may soon die because of this. Basically the tree will […]